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International Patent Registration

As Teknik Patent, we advise our clients to make a utility model / patent registration abroad in order to protect their invention in the countries where they trade. In this respect, we provide both companies and products that they develop in these countries

Useful model / patent registration is valid only in the country where the application is made, and if it is planned to be used abroad, it must be registered in the relevant countries.

 There are different applications for the utility model / patent registration process to be done abroad. However, patent application is limited to 12 months from the date of first application for opening to foreign countries; therefore it is necessary to carry out the foreign registration without exceeding this period. If a patent application is requested abroad, it can be done by selecting one of the foreign patent application systems within 12 months from the date of application in Turkey.  

As Teknik Patent, in accordance with procedures through our expert staff and our overseas agents we provide international applications and follow-up procedures for your company as appropriate.

The ways that can be selected for a foreign patent application; 

Territorial Application;

The applications you can make individually in each of the countries where your patent application is protected outside Turkey and you have a commercial relationship with the applicant, is a national application. In this context, applications must be made separately from each country. At the next stage of the application, countries must prepare their research reports by the patent institutions and continue with each country separately in the following process. When a patent application is made on a national basis, the fees paid to both the instruments and the relevant patent institutions reach serious dimensions. We do not recommend applying for more than 5 countries for the reasons of high costs.

International - Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Application; 

The Patent Cooperation Agreement has been included in Turkey since 01.01.1996. From this date, applications can be made to all the member countries within 12 months of the application starting from any of the member countries. With the PCT system, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) receives your application and prepares a research report that will be valid for all member states. Thus, both the process and the costs are reduced.

A PCT application is made and a useful model / patent entry are made in 152 countries. If the application is made or if the fees are paid to the WIPO by the countries that are required to enter from 152 countries within 30 months from the date of the award, they are entered in the relevant countries. After this stage, the process continues for each country separately. 

European Patent (EPC) Application;

The European Patent Convention entered into force on 01.11.2002 in Turkey. The European Patent Convention provides for the filing of a patent application for all of the countries involved in the contract. Applications made under the European Patent provide patent rights to the applicant in the respective countries. European patent applications can be made to EPO (European Patent Office) or national offices. This application results in less costly and faster results than individual applications from countries as the research, examination and registration are done through EPO. After the registration decision, the applicants of the patent fascicule are provided to the offices of the countries concerned and national protection is provided. At the same time, your transactions with our European patent agent are available directly for your convenience. 

Eurasian Patent (EUA) Application;

 Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan; are the countries that are members of the Eurasian Patent. Under the Eurasian Patent, a single application is made in more than one country in the member countries, allowing for easy and simple processing. At this point, it is possible to obtain the registration in a short time (processing through a single patent office) and at low costs (single currency). 

OAPI UNION Patent Application,

OAPI UNION for patent entry in all countries with an application in the Republic of Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Mauritania, Mali, Niger Senegal, Togo, Congo, Cameroon, and The Patent Agreement has been made. At the same time, the process can be continued by making the transition of OAPI UNION in the regional phase with the PCT application. 

ARIPO Patent Application;

 Patents can be entered in countries with a single application through the ARIPO Patent Agreement which is in countries such as Botswana, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. At the same time, the process can be continued by making the ARIPO transition in the regional phase with the PCT application. 

Arab States Patent (GCC) Application;

Patent applications and registrations can be made through a single organization in countries related to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), including Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia. The Gulf Cooperation Council Agreement provides for the application of a collective application and the application is valid throughout the protection period.