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International Trademark Registration

Trademark registration provides protection only in the country where the application is made. For this reason, there is a necessity of trademark registration in the countries where trade is made. There are different ways for trademark registration abroad.

As Teknik Patent We provide international applications and follow-up of all procedures, in accordance with the procedures and our expert representatives and our overseas agents.

The ways that can be selected for a foreign trademark application;

On a national basis, Trademark Registration Application;

One of the types of applications that can be made so that the mark is valid outside the country of application is the application on a nationwide basis. The application is a type of application that can be made by each country's own system and its own agents on a national basis. However, since the cost of each country varies according to the brand application process and the registration process, it is not preferable to apply for more than one country.

Trademark Application in Madrid Protocol (IR);

Due to the fact that trademark applications made on a national basis are difficult in terms of process and cost, the agreement made with the Madrid Protocol allows for the entry of the trademark in the member countries with only one application. In this regard, the cost resulting from individual applications in the countries has been reduced in a serious manner, and the research to be carried out separately by each country has also been shortened in one operation.

Countries under the Madrid Protocol (IR);

Albania (AL), Antigua and Barbuda (AG), Azerbaijan (AZ), Armenia (AM), Austria (AT), Australia (AU), Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA), Bulgaria (BG), Bahrain (BH), Brunei Darussalam (BN), Saba (BQ), Bhutan (BT), Botswana (BW), Benelux (BX), Belarus (BY), Switzerland (CH), China (CN), Colombia (CO) (CW), Cyprus (CY), Czech Republic (CZ), Germany (DE), Denmark (DK), Algeria (DZ), Estonia (EE), Egypt (EG), European Union (EM) ES), Finland (FI), France (FR), United Kingdom (GB), Georgia (GE), Ghana (GH), Gambia (GM), Greece (GR), Croatia (HR), Hungary (HU) (IE), Israel (IL), Islamic Republic of Iran (IR), India (IN), Iceland (IS), Italy (IT), Japan (JP), Kenya (KE), Cambodia (KH), Kyrgyzstan (KG) , Latvia (LV), Lithuania (LT), North Korea (KP), South Korea (KR), Kazakhstan (KZ), Lao Democratic People's Republic of (LA), Liechtenstein (LI), Liberia (LR) , Morocco (MA), Monaco (MC), Moldova (MD), Montenegro (ME), Madagascar (MG), Macedonia (MK), Mongolia (MN), Mexico (MX), Mozambique (MZ), Namibia (NA), Norway (NO), New Zealand OAPI- African Intellectual Property Organization (OA), Oman (OM), Philippines (PH), Poland (PL), Portugal (PT), Romania (RO), Serbia (RS), Russian Federation (RU) , Sudan (SD), Sweden (SE), Singapore (SG), Slovenia (SI), Slovakia (SK), Sierra Lion (SL), San Marino (SM), Sao Tome (ST) Uzbekistan (UZ), Vietnam (VN), Zambia (ZM), Ukraine (UA), United States (US), Syria (SY), Swaziland (SZ), Tajikistan ), Zimbabwe (ZW) 

European Community (CTM) Mark Application for Registration;

 Austria, Finland, Italy, Estonia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Cyprus, Slovakia, Malta, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Lithuania, Greece, Denmark , The European Community Brand (CTM) application is made in 27 European Union countries, including the UK and Belgium, so that the trademark registration can be made only once. The Community Trademark operations are being carried out by the Community Trademark Office (EUIPO) in Alicante, Spain, with the enactment of the Act on 01.01.1996. Although, with the single application, it is possible to register in all countries, a trademark rejected by a country is considered invalid in all countries. Even this seems to be a negative process, it provides a stronger registration in terms of protection of the mark and possible litigation processes. 

OAPI (African Union) Trademark Registration Application;

OAPI (African Industrial Property Rights Organization) in 16 African countries including Benin, Cameroon, Burkino Faso, Congo, Ecuador Ginesi, Mali, Chad, Gabon, Guinea, Togo, Mauritania, Niger, Central African Republic, Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Ivory Coast, is a system that allows applications to be made only once. By making a single application on this page, the mark is registered in the relevant countries.