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International Trademark Monitoring

In the countries where the trade is done, protection is provided by the application of an international trademark and/or brand name in the name of protection of the trademark and/or brand name and monitoring services are provided with the aim of preventing losses that may be caused by malicious use in the related countries. Providing, you can prevent the registration of similar brands in similar business areas by monitoring your brand in global frame.

Due to the fact that your trademark is being monitored internationally, similar trademarks which are published could be denied just as it is done in the country originated. By investing in this field over the years, you are prevented from having any imitation of your increasingly valuable brand. Since the cancellation of trademarks that have not been objected within the publication period will cause long years and costs to appeal as it is in Turkey, it is important to prevent the trademark from being objectionable during the publication period. For this reason, we advise you to make sure that your mark is not only monitored domestically but also internationally.