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Pct National Phase Input

As Turkey is a member of EPC and PCT, patent applications made in this context can also be made in the national entry. With the national phase entry made for the PCT application, the process is started by entering the patent as Turkish Patent and Trdemark Institue and national patent application. In the application with the UI phase, the Turkish Patent and Trdemark Institue goes directly to the examination process from preparing the research report.

In order for PCT applications to be made available to Turkey under normal conditions, if there is no expiry date, 30 months from the date of application is used. This period can be extended up to 33 months by paying an additional fee. Within this period, the application will be initiated in the procedure for nationalization in Turkey.

For the entry into the national phase, if the patent application's research report is available, continuity is ensured considering this report. If there is a review report in the same way, it is ensured that the report continues with this report.  Within 30 months, the Turkish Patent and Trdemark Institue will continue the proceedings depending on the progress of the application and after the registration decision is made, the application will be registered and protected in Turkey. Transactions during the process should be done within the period provided a notification of the views along with the necessary fees must be done within the relevant period. However, necessary fees must be taken care of periodically for the protection to continue.