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Barcod Registration

Barcodes are simple icons that can be read by codeable information, computers and similar devices. More technically speaking, it is a collection of black lines arranged side by side, consisting of different thicknesses. Barcode; is a method that consists of vertical lines and spaces at different thicknesses and is used to automatically and unconditionally transfer the data to another medium.

Barcode is an icon that we can encounter in almost all places today. It is possible to see barcodes on magazines, cigarettes, biscuits, chewing gum, computers and many other products. The barcode was originally designed to make it easier for computers and similar devices to read the encoding. Barcode readers are used to transfer barcode information to the computer. These barcode scanners scan the barcode lines, analyze the coding system and transfer the code to the computer.

The bar code signifies that the company is involved in the bar code system. Every company that wants to use barcode has to be a member of this system. It does not matter being a real legal entity to get a barcode number.

The barcode numbers in Turkey start with 869. This is the country code. After that there is usually a company code consisting of 6 digits. This is the part dedicated to this company. After that, the company determines itself within the range of 001-999 which number of the next 3-digit product code will be formed. 999 kinds of products can be given separate barcode numbers. If the number of products of the company is more than 1000, then 100000 to 100000 varieties of barcode numbers are allocated.

The last step is the 13th control step. The bar code program automatically determines this last digit. As it is understood from its name, it is for confirming purposes. According to the last digit of the company in the barcode registration, the barcode fee is paid. The company that enters the barcode system has to pay the remuneration to be paid to the address every year by notification. In case of non-payment of fees, legal follow-up is initiated as the company will be removed from membership.