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Geographical Signature Registry

Our country has a unique variety of geographical products in the world with its unique nature, culture and arts richness with its products such as Turkish delight, Afyon butter, Çorum cheakpeas, Malatya apricots. It is an indisputable fact that every region in our country, the province, even every city, is a source of its own product and it is identified with this product. So much so that many products unique to my country are recognized and recognized by their geographical region names.

This is the sign for an item that shows the geographical origin of a good or is used is a name or a sign that allows the item to be sent to an area, locality or country by reason of material, motif. A product may be different from any product, fruit, stone, metal produced in other regions, or it may be a carpet, rug, fabric, tile etc. produced in a region. A product may have gained fame for any reason. The use of that name on these products can also be perceived by consumers as having a certain quality of that product. Consumers may prefer products sold in the name of the region to other products of the same quality with a certain confidence in the name of the region.

- Real or legal persons who are the manufacturer of the product,

- Consumer associations,

- Public institutions related to the territorial and geographical region, in the geographical indication could apply for this registry

The geographical indications are divided into two.

One product;  All or essential character or qualities originating from nature and human factors specific to this locality, area or areas. If the production, processing and other operations are carried out entirely within this territory, area or region, it shall indicate "the name of origin". (Malatya Apricot)

One product; It is identified with this area, area or region by its distinctive character, reputation or other characteristics. If at least one of the production, processing and other operations is carried out within the boundaries of the specified region, area or region, it shall indicate the indication of "placemark". (Hereke Carpet)

What is the purpose of the registration of Geographical Signs?

In general terms, production is to ensure the preservation of certain reputable products based on a number of local qualities such as the source. For example, Çorum name for chickpea, Isparta name for carpet, Afyon name for butter emerges as a sign of a certain quality. Given the diversity of our country's natural products, it will emerge that the number of these examples can be expressed in hundreds. So much so that every province in our country, even every province, is a source of production for a particular product and is famous for this product.

Geographical Signature Application and Required Documents

Product Name

• Type of Mark

• Geographical Name

• Product Description

• Production Area

• Production Method

• Product Distinctive Features

• Information and Documents on the Product's Place of Origin or Placemark

• Usage Format

• Independent Audit Mechanism and Team