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Patent Registration

The patent is a monopoly granted to inventors for the purpose of solving any problem, industrial application and / or protection of new product obtained as a result of this solution. The owner of the invention has the right to use or sell the product, method or system for 20 years. This certificate is also called a patent document.

Right of Owning a Patent or Patent Document can be bought and sold like real property, license can be given, mortgage can be seized, and it can also be inherited as well. A patent granted by the government gives the right to prevent others from producing, using or selling the invention without permission of the inventor for a certain period of time. 

Qualifications required being patent protected by an invention 

Innovation: The invention is considered new if it is not in the current state of technology.  Current state of the technology is an information that is publicly available in any form or any means that are not use as oral or written publicly or otherwise available in anywhere in the world of the known invention, which needed to be prior to the date of filing of the patent application.  

Using online patent application, the application of the patent is recorded in days, hours and minutes. It is subject to a patent search around the world, even if only protection for Turkey is desired. 

Exceeding the current state of the technology:  If the invention is deemed to exceed the state of the art has been made by an expert in the technical field and an activity result has been achieved that cannot be unambiguously removed from the known state of the art, It is assumed that the known state of the technique has been exceeded. 

Invention without the invention step could not be granted a patent document.

Industrial Applicability: If the invention can be produced or used in any branch of the industry, including agriculture, it is considered to be applicable to the industry. 

Inventions that is not applicable for a patent:

- Discoveries, scientific theories, methods of mathematics,

- Plans, procedures and rules for commercial and mind gaming activities, 

- Literature and art works, science works, creatures with aesthetic qualities,

- Computer software,

- Procedures without technical aspects regarding the compilation, arrangement, submission and transmission of information,

- Surgical and therapeutic procedures applicable to the human or animal body and diagnostic procedures relating to the human and animal body.

Inventions that cannot be protected by a patent:

- Inventions that is contrary to public order or general morality.

- Plant or animal species and methods of plant or animal based on breeding 

- Compilation and gathering of information (CDs, credit cards and any other types of  cards, software, programs and recipes without technical innovations.

It should be known that there is no rule that "your patent registration will be protected by your patent." Even if patent registration is made due to legal gaps in the existing system, utility model applications for malicious purposes by others can be made. You will benefit from registration studies and support from experts at the end of the document decision.