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Utility Model Registry

It is a new system in Turkey and in the world that provides protection to the owners of innovations that can be applied to the industry.

The proprietors of industrial inventions are recognized to have the right to manufacture and market this invention product for 10 years.

Useful model is a kind of protection in which innovation and industrial applicability conditions are not sought in order to be patentable and the criterion of exceeding the known state of the art is not sought.  Useful Model is a new application system which provides protection and monopoly to the owners of inventions that are new in Turkey and in the world, 

Useful Model may be given for all products with technical development except chemical substances and procedures may be subject to patent.  It is recognized to proprietors of industrial inventions are given the right to manufacture and market this invention product for 10 years 

The process of issuing useful model documents is more convenient both in terms of time and expense than in patenting.

It is the type of document issued on the basis of the declaration of the applicant, as no formal research has been done to give the Utility Model Document.

The process of granting utility model documentation is more convenient both in terms of time and expense than in granting patents.

Utility Model Application Steps

Using online utility model application, the day, hour and the minute of the application is recorded. Formal examination report takes average of 3-4 months from application. In this article, the Utility Model reference number and the date and time of entry to the TPE are specified. However, early publication of the application may be requested.

The application will be published in the bulletin after an average of 3 months from the arrival of the written examination and the request for early publication. 

The document decision is sent within 1 or 2 months after the end of the 3 month publication period. The document preparation fee stated in the decision must be paid within 3 months from the date of the decision. Otherwise the application will be deemed to have been withdrawn. Within two months after the document fee is paid, the Utility Model Document is sent. 

12 months after the date of application and once a year during the protection period, the registration fee to be requested by TPI on the day and date corresponding to the application date must be paid regularly. Registration fees are not paid on the date are due to penalty within 6 months. At the end of this period, Benefit Model protection comes to an end due to unpaid registration fees.